Batucada Yemanjá - Samba in Seattle

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Batucada ..............

..... the Brazilian word for the driving rhythms of the samba and the groups that play them. Samba in Seattle sounded like a crazy idea 36 years ago, but this is where it all started in the USA. Now there are dozens of samba groups throughout America, but since 1978 we are the "old guard". Samba was made world famous by the huge “samba schools” that parade during Carnival season, samba is played year round by smaller groups called batucadas. Seattle’s Batucada Yemanjá performs samba batucada, partido alto, samba de roda, forro and chorinho. The group sings primarily in Portuguese and performs with the only órgano oriental and bambula orchestras in the USA. Join the fun, the sounds of Brazil are totally danceable and engaging. 

Batucada Yemanjá has been performing since 1978 at Northwest events such as Bumbershoot, the Northwest Folklife Festival, Brasilfest and on stage with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. After 36 years of playing together, Batucada Yemanjá has expanded on the Brazilian model by including many other folkloric styles in its repertoire. From club dates, wedding receptions or performances before thousands at concerts and festivals, Batucada Yemanjá has recreated the rhythmic magic of Latin America and the Caribbean in a Northwest setting.

Batucada is a six member group comprised of some very special and dedicated individuals; Tim McCormack, Ken Harris, Joe Horsak, Wayne Clark, Gary Harding and our dancer Gabriela who was literally 'born into the group'. The group also serves as a non-profit organization dedicated to the fostering of Brazilian music and culture. In this role, Batucada supports four wonderful children in Brazil, Zimbabwe and Ghana through World Vision [Visão Mundial], an international relief organization.


Gary Harding
[206] 782-3886

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